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Do You Know These Hazards To Your Car’s Paint Job?

As we come up on the change of seasons, we face unique challenges for car owners, especially when it comes to protecting your car’s paint from some unsuspecting hazards. You might not think these natural elements are a risk to your autobody, but bird droppings and tree sap can actually have an unfortunate impact on your car. In this article, we’ll explore practical tips to safeguard your vehicle’s exterior and maintain its pristine appearance throughout September and beyond.

The Culprits: Bird Droppings and Tree Sap

If you park your car beneath Iowa’s picturesque trees, you’re also, unfortunately, exposing it to potential paint-damaging elements: bird droppings and tree sap. While these might seem harmless, they can wreak havoc on your car’s finish if not addressed promptly.

Swift Action Is Key:

The longer bird droppings and tree sap linger on your car’s surface, the greater the chance they’ll leave permanent marks. Act quickly by gently removing them with a soft, damp microfiber cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials that can scratch the paint.

Pre-Wash Rinse:

Before you begin washing your car, give it a pre-wash rinse to help loosen and remove surface contaminants like bird droppings. Use a hose with a wide spray nozzle to avoid any additional friction that could cause scratching.

Use a Quality Car Wash Soap:

Invest in a high-quality car wash soap that’s specifically designed to lift dirt, grime, and contaminants while being gentle on your car’s finish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a soft mitt or sponge to wash your car.

Clay Bar Treatment:

For tougher stains or residues, a clay bar treatment can work wonders. This process involves gently rubbing a clay bar over the surface of your car, which helps lift embedded contaminants. Follow up with a thorough rinse and drying.

Wax and Sealant Protection:

After your car is clean, consider applying a wax or sealant to create a protective barrier against future hazards. These products provide an additional layer of defense against bird droppings, tree sap, and other environmental elements.

Park Wisely:

We know with the recent brutally hot weather, parking in the shade may feel a little better when you come back to your vehicle. But, as the weather cools down, consider spots that minimize exposure to trees and potential perches for birds. Covered parking areas can also provide an extra layer of protection.

Regular Maintenance:

Make it a habit to inspect your car’s exterior regularly for any signs of bird droppings or tree sap. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent them from causing lasting damage.

As September ushers in the fall season, it’s important to be proactive in protecting your car’s paint from the threats posed by bird droppings and tree sap. By following these simple yet effective steps, you can ensure that your vehicle’s exterior remains in top condition, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of autumn without worry.

If you find that bird droppings and tree sap have already taken a toll on your car’s paint, Graham Collision is here to help. Our professional team is ready to ensure your vehicle looks its best year-round. 

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