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Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Hail Damaged Vehicle

Protect your car and your money by avoiding these 3 hail damage mistakes.

Delaying Repair

There are many reasons why you might think delaying or even ignoring your vehicle’s repair needs due to hail damage. 

You might think that the damage is too small to warrant repairs. Sure, these dents can be difficult to see, but even these little dents compromise the integrity of your car body, devaluing your car.

Waiting until hail season is over to repair your vehicle may seem like the best way to go (just in case of getting caught in another bad storm) but actually opens you up for a big blow to your bank account. One hail-storm’s worth of damage is fixable, but two bouts of unrepaired hail damage can lead to a totaled vehicle. 

The longer you wait to repair your hail-damaged vehicle, the longer your car is being operated with “pre-existing damage”. If an accident occurs, your little bit of hail damage can turn into further damage that’s too expensive to justify repair. 

Losing Money on Low Insurance Claims

First, Insurance companies don’t have the same trained eye that an experienced auto body professional will have, so they may not be able to see and understand the full extent of damage to your vehicle that an expert would. Also, while your insurance is there to help you, they’re also businesses trying to make a profit. Because of that, insurance might minimize the amount of your damages, leaving you with less than the full-compensation you deserve. It’s not uncommon for an initial estimate to only include about half of the actual damage. 

Graham Collision prides ourselves on our full range of services and attention to our customers. We want to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your experience, which includes estimating your vehicle’s damage to the best of our ability and communicating with your insurance.

DIY Repair

While following a YouTube tutorial on how to fix hail damage seems like a quick weekend project, things can easily go from bad to worse. Paintless Dent Repair, the technique you’ll likely see attempted by internet DIYers, requires training and special tools you probably won’t find at home. 

Paintless Dent Repair gone wrong can have the opposite effect intended and cause the paint to crack. Once this happens, the cheaper and faster option of Paintless Dent Repair won’t cut it. Now, you’ll have to go the route of traditional hail damage repair, which can be more expensive or leave the car with cosmetic flaws, if not done correctly. 

Instead of taking matters into your own hands, put your vehicle in the trusted hands of professionals here at Graham Collision

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Everything You Need To Know About Paintless Dent Repairs

A common misconception is that dent repair is a costly and time-taking affair. But that’s so not true. You can get a minor dent fixed really quickly without having to spend a fortune by signing up for paintless dent repairs. In this blog, we will talk about this repair method in detail and clear the air around the subject because we get a lot of questions about it every day! 

What Are Paintless Dent Repairs?

Explained simply by our collision repair technicians, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a quick, non-invasive procedure that can help fix dings and dents on your car without causing harm to the surface paint. It restores the look of your car by pulling the dent back to its real shape. In such a scenario, a paint job is not required, because of which the entire process is extremely speedy and cost-effective. So, if you have shallow dents due to hail damage, bumped doors, or any other reason, drive down to our collision repair store in Urbandale, IA to get it fixed. 

paintless dent repairs application on car front doors

What Does Paintless Dent Repair Not Cover?

It is important to remember that every type of damage can’t be resolved through the paintless dent repair method If the dent is huge, if your car is in a bad shape after an accident or has a lot of scrapes, you may need to opt for a full touch-up and repainting job instead.

Does Insurance Cover Paintless Dent Repairs?

Yes! When you have collision coverage, paintless dent repairs are given the green signal by your insurance company. Given that dents and collisions are common occurrences, make sure that you go through your policy thoroughly to check what it covers before you buy the insurance. 

Paintless Dent Repair By Graham Collision’s Auto Technicians

Graham Collision’s auto technicians are fully equipped and trained to attend to all types of dent repair jobs. To know whether the dents on your car can be speedily fixed through the paintless dent repair method, feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We have two stores, one in Waukee, IA, and another in Urbandale, IA for your convenience and collision repair needs. Our team is always available to guide you through the entire process, from claiming insurance, getting you a temporary ride, to making your car look as good as new! 

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What You Must Do ASAP After A Fender Bender

Regrettably, road accidents or Fender Bender happen when we least expect them. In such a scenario, it is important to maintain a clear head to ensure your safety and that of those around you. In this blog, we will cover everything that you should take care of after getting caught in a fender bender: 

Make sure that you are out of danger after the Fender Bender

It is critical that you maintain a level-head and ensure that everyone is safe and unhurt. If you or the other car driver seems hurt or uneasy, do not hesitate to call 911. Make sure that you pull over to the side so that you are not in danger of being bumped by incoming cars. 

Examine the damage

Once you are out of harm’s way, examine your car carefully to look for signs of damage. Are there dings and scratches? Does the bumper look damaged? However, if the accident took place on a freeway, stay in your car and get in touch with the police as soon as possible. Remember, irrespective of who hit who, you will need to report the incident to the police because your insurance company will need documented evidence. 

Fender Bender - Damage Control and Immediate Actions

Take pictures

If you have parked safely on the side of a road, do take pictures of the damage that has been incurred. This will work in your favor when you file your insurance claim to get your vehicle repaired with the help of an auto collision repair shop in Urbandale, IA. 

Note down insurance details

If your car was hit by another or vice versa, do not forget to jot down their contact and insurance information. Before you drive away, we’d recommend that you confirm the authenticity of their details as it is not uncommon for people to give wrong information to prevent all sorts of liabilities. 

Hit us up for your collision repair needs

Have you been in a fender bender in Urbandale, IA? Let the Graham Collision team know as soon as possible. We are skilled in paintless dent repairs, full collision repairs, and even minor dent restorations. We feel happy to let you know that we have a solid presence in two different locations in Iowa — Waukee, and Urbandale. When you want hassle-free collision repair services, do think of us! To know how we can help out to file your insurance paperwork and to repair your car, call us today. 

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3 Type Car Dents That Graham Collision Can Fix ASAP!

Attending car dents isn’t only frustrating, it can also cause a real dent in your wallet if you are not careful! Repairing car dents is time-consuming and costly. But, by signing up for Paintless Dent Repair, you can get your ride fixed and running in no time at all! 

What is paintless dent repair or paintless dent removal? Auto technicians use this procedure to repair dents on your car’s body, and they use specialized tools to flatten out indentations. However, do keep in mind that paintless dent repair is possible only when the car’s painted surface remains intact. 

If you have got a minor dent, Graham Collision is here to ensure that it disappears fast! Wondering if our paintless dent repair procedure in Urbandale, IA, will work on the dings on your car? Then this blog is for you. We will walk you through the types of dents that we can repair through the paintless dent repair mode: 

Car Dents Type 1- Hail damage

Bad weather can be unforgiving on your car and leave a few indentations. Thankfully, given that hail damage usually involves blunt force, your car’s paint job stays intact. It would make sense to opt for paintless dent repairs in such a scenario. 

Car Dents Type 2-Parking errors and minor collisions

Hit A Parked Car - Know Your Next Steps

Dinged another car while parking? Or were you involved in a fender bender that has left your ride with a shallow dent? Please don’t wait too long for it to get worse! Drive down to our showroom in Urbandale, IA, and our collision repair experts will straighten things out for you. 

Car Dents Type 3-Bumped car doors 

Most of us have been there! We know how much of an eyesore door dings can be. If not taken care of in time, it can also translate to door locking issues. Moreover, the dent will only expand with time, and you will have to shell out hundreds of dollars in repairs. So, why not let us take a quick look at your car soon? 


Dents of different sizes might appear to be an aesthetic issue to the layman. But it is so much more than that. A quick car inspection helps identify interior damages after a collision. If left unchecked, these affect your car’s performance as well as jeopardize your safety. 

If you have questions about our services and are Googling, “paintless dent repair near me,” hit us up with us today!

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Reasons You Should Fix Car Dent With 24 Hours

Planning to fix car dents? Dings and bumps can happen any time to your car – in the parking lot, while waiting for the traffic signal to turn green, while playing catch with your kids, or simply if you bang the door too hard. If the resultant dent is innocuous enough, you may be tempted to ignore it and go on about your life. But that small dent may bring about more problems for you, later on, leading to more wasted dollars and time. 

We have a few reasons for you to fix car dent as soon as they happen. Read on! 

Accumulation of rust 

Did you know that the tiniest of cracks on the car’s body can cause water to seep through the paint and get to your car’s metal? This can speed up the rusting process over time. 

The worst part is that, if the dent is too small, you may not even realize the extent of the damage until it’s too late. With time, the bump will grow significantly bigger and also lead to flaking and peeling of paint. That is why auto body repair experts in Waukee, IA recommend that you attend to car dents fixes quickly


Getting your car assessed by an expert after a minor collision can be extremely beneficial in finding out whether there was any structural damage. These damages may be exacerbated when you drive a bit fast or go over speed bumps. Moreover, although these may not look too serious, such damages can also affect your battery’s performance as well as hamper the alignment. All of such problems can be easily done away with if you get your car repaired by an auto technician in Urbandale, IA as soon as you notice the dent. 

Depreciating value

Regardless of how smooth your car is, people always judge a book by its cover! When the time comes to sell off your car, an unpaired dent and paint damage may cause its price to go down. Moreover, it may be seen as a red flag by a buyer, who may think that you have not been responsible with the car. This may lead to suspicion regarding the engine’s health, the battery’s performance, and so on. So, it’s always a good idea to keep up with external appearances! 

Get Dents Repaired By Auto Body Repair Experts In Waukee, IA

Want to get your car dents repaired quickly to restore it to its former glory? We are the ones for the job! Don’t google, “how to fix a small car dent?” and waste your entire weekend over it. Just drive down to one of our branches and our professionals will get it fixed and all ready for the road!

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Scratch Free Car – Here Is How To Make It Happen

A scratch free car is like a dream, isn’t it? If you love your car, then even one small scratch – not to mention an even longer and larger one – can ruin your day. And if left untreated, a scratch can quickly grow from a blemish into a more serious problem.

So how to protect your car from scratches? There’s a lot of buzz about scratch-free car paint. Although it’s being worked on, scratch-free car paint isn’t a viable solution yet. But here’s some good news: you can significantly reduce the likelihood of getting a scratch by focusing on:

  • How you drive and park your car
  • How you wash your car
  • How you treat your car

Strategies to prevent scratches

Let’s look at some specific strategies that you can start applying right away:

How you drive and park your car

Drive cautiously and be hyper-alert in busy, congested areas. Avoid tight sections where an object or vegetation could nick your car.

Now, what if we told you that you could minimize the risk of car scratches while also getting your daily exercise? The next time you enter a parking lot, park farther away from the building’s entrance in quieter and more remote sections – even if it means you have to take a little stroll. Look for a spot where there isn’t a car next to you. If that isn’t possible, make it a policy not to park next to cars with visible scratches and dings on their exterior.

Whether you have a new car or just take pride in your old beater, there’s a lot you can do to reduce the probability of scratches happening to you:

How you treat your car

Keep scratches at bay by treating your car with respect. Don’t let anyone sit on your car, because that can cause a scratch in your paint. And don’t put items on your car roof, even temporarily, because that can also cause a scratch. [ Reference: How To Maintain Your Car ]

How you wash your car

Generally speaking, washing your car yourself is less risky than using an automatic car wash, which is more likely to scratch your car. On the other hand, if you don’t know what you’re doing, washing your car is one of the easiest ways to accidentally scratch your paint. This can happen when you use a sponge on your car. Instead, use a soft microfiber towel.

Another cause of scratches is contaminating your bucket of soap with grime. If you just use one bucket, make sure to rinse off your towel each time and use your elbow grease to scrub it clean. Otherwise, you are essentially rubbing dirt back into your car’s paint. If you’re able to, try using two buckets next time you wash your car.

Don’t use a paper towel or dry cloth to get rid of grime, which could create friction and cause a scratch. Also, if you clean from the bottom up, you risk transporting the grime on the bottom of the car to the top. Always wash from top to bottom.Maybe one day there will be scratch-free car paint and a scratch-free car. But for now, don’t take scratches lightly. If left untreated, they could become a catalyst for corrosion. If you discover scratches or dents on your car, or are in a collision, bring your vehicle to your nearby Graham Collision center and let our professional and highly trained technicians take care of your car – and you! Graham Collision : Auto Body Shop is always open with solutions. No job is too big or too small for us. Simply visit our Urbandale or Waukee center and get immediate assistance today.

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Why Sign Up For Paintless Car Dent Repairs?

If you own a car, you must have had to deal with unsightly dents at least once in your life! Such dents and dings ruin the aesthetics of your car and over the long run, can lead to chipping paint and rust spots. Regardless of how the dent was caused, make sure that you get rid of it as soon as possible so it doesn’t potentially affect your car’s resale value

Thankfully, you can get dents fixed quickly by signing up for paintless dent repairs in Urbandale, IA. Paintless Dent Repair or PDR for short, can  restore the appearance of your car and is an affordable alternative to other traditional methods too. 

The process involves pushing the dent back to its original shape by using suction with the help of specialized tools. Here are some of the benefits associated with it:

Fast repair

Conventional repairs can take more than a day because they are very labor-intensive. These involve fillers, painting, and other things which not only take a lot of time, but also lower the resale value of your vehicle. 

That’s not the case with paintless dent repairs. Each dent can be repaired within a few hours with this method. More often than not, you will be able to collect your restored car the same day. 

It’s affordable 

If you are worried about how much fixing a recent dent will cost, you will be happy to know that PDR is easy on the wallet. The best thing about paintless dent repairs in Waukee, IA is that you won’t have to invest in replacement parts or paints. It’s a cost-effective, fool-proof solution to all those dents and dings!

It’s environment-friendly 

As you may be aware, car paints release toxic fumes in the air during application. On the other hand, PDR simply involves pushing and pulling mechanisms to flatten the dent. Solvents and paints don’t come into the picture! If you want to lower your carbon footprint this year, this is the way to go. 

Looking to get your dents or dings fixed? You have come to the right place. We will assess your car and let you know whether it can be fixed with a paintless dent repair job. 

Call us today for more information.

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What to Do After a Crash | Collision Repair in West Des Moines | Graham Collision

Graham Collision is dedicated to the safety of drivers in the Des Moines metro area with two conveniently located auto body shops in Urbandale and Waukee.  Follow our simple instructions after a collision, and stay safe driving out there.

  1. After a Collision, Stay Calm.

It is important to calmly assess the situation so that you can address emergencies at hand.  This is the time to call 911 if any injuries are evident.  The authorities will alert any emergency personnel as well as any officers to report to the scene

  1. Move to a Safe Location After a Crash

If your vehicle is operable, move to a safe location. Look for a nearby parking lot, or pull to the side in a safe shoulder location.  The authorities will want you to allow traffic to flow and stay out of harm’s way. Turn off your car’s engine, turn on the hazard lights and use the road flares to warn other vehicles to slow down if necessary.

  1. Check In on the Other Party

Once you are in a secure location, now is the time to check in with the other party.  Check for any injuries, and ask to exchange information. The important information to take note of includes:

  • Full name and contact information
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • Driver’s license and license plate number
  • Type, color and model of vehicle
  1. Document the Accident

Take pictures of your vehicle from the front, sides, side angles and of course the back of the car.  Do the same for the additional party, and take photos of the location.  Document the officer, and request a copy of the accident report.  Talk to any witnesses if applicable, and ask for statements.

  1. Call a Certified Auto Body Repair Shop

With over 50 years in the collision industry, we can help walk you through the entire process.  From getting your insurance notified, towing arranged, and your vehicle repaired.  We’re here from start to finish to get you driving off in better shape than you imagined.

(515) 278-1243

About Graham Collision

Graham Collision is a family owned and operated business with two locations to serve the needs of our valued customers. We have been in business for more than 50 years. Graham Collision combines exceptional skill and auto repair knowledge with the latest in advanced technology and techniques, so that we can provide our customers with safe and superior quality repair. Here at Graham Collision we care about our customers and their vehicles. We take pride in treating our customers with ultimate respect, to us we think of our customers as family. We try to make the repairs process pleasant and painless, they have already been through enough with the accident, working with the insurance, etc. We communicate with our customers throughout the repairs, as well as explain the repair processes.

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Signs You Need Auto Repair | Urbandale and Waukee | Graham Collision

Visual Signs You Need Vehicle Repairs.

Visual signs are the most common sign that it is time to repair your vehicle.  By staying up to date on cosmetic issues, you are protecting the value of your investment, and protecting your car from long term damage.  Here are queues to watch for with your car:

  • Gaps between body panels
  • The vehicle paint is slightly off in certain areas.
  • Misaligned bumper
  • Hard to open/close car doors
  • Illuminated dashboard lights
  • Headlight, brake light or fog light issues
  • Uneven fender distance from tires

Physical Signs You Need an Auto Body Estimate

Beyond cosmetic issues that arise, mechanical issues can appear as a result of a collision. In our previous blog, we reviewed the danger of underlying damage from dents and dings, but beyond the visual queues, sometimes other warning signs appear. Here are the top signs to watch for when operating your vehicle:

  • Steering is choppy when you turn the wheel
  • The car veers to one side when you remove your  hands momentarily
  • The brakes are squeaky or pulling
  • Power steering that requires a little more muscle
  • Whistling noise at higher speeds while driving
  • Clicking coming from the steering wheel

If any of these signs appear, at Graham Collision, you can always request a free estimate.  If the warning signs are visual, we have a fast efficient process via our website where you can send photos of your vehicle.  If the signs are physical, stop by either of our conveniently located shops in Waukee or Urbandale.

About Graham Collision

Graham Collision is a family-owned and operated business with two locations to serve the needs of our valued customers. We have been in business for more than 50 years. Graham Collision combines exceptional skill and auto repair knowledge with the latest in advanced technology and techniques so that we can provide our customers with a safe and superior quality repair. Here at Graham Collision, we care about our customers and their vehicles. We take pride in treating our customers with ultimate respect, to us we think of our customers as family. We try to make the repair process pleasant and painless, they have already been through enough with the accident, working with the insurance, etc. We communicate with our customers throughout the repairs, as well as explain the repair processes.

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Should You Fix That Dent? | Auto Care Ownership in Iowa | Graham Collision

Should You Fix That Car Dent?

As car owners, we know that with regular use, dents and scratches can happen to your auto investment.  Whether your auto has just a cosmetic ding, or a larger problem as result of a collision, the pros at Graham Collision are here to help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Evaluate Severity of Auto Dent

Car dents happen as simply as a result of door dings, or careless driving mistakes, or even through environmental hazards like hail.  Even more often, a car owner may have no idea how the dent occurred.

While there are many DIY videos for dent removal out there, for an investment as large as an auto, you should take your vehicle to an auto body shop.  The auto body insurance claim process can be intimidating for many, but with 52 years of auto body repair under our belt, we can guide you through the process. 

>> Send Your Photos in for a Free Estimate Online <<

The most important issue with collision repair isn’t how to get the dent repaired, its when.  We find that most large dents will be fixed right away.  But when it’s only a small scratch, we understand that it can be easy to delay repairs.

Step 2: Know The Dangers of Delaying Auto Repairs

Whether you are planning to repair the dent yourself, or taking it to a professional body shop, the best approach is to get it taken care of sooner than later. Here are 4 reasons why you should look into repairing your auto right away.

1. Vehicle Safety

Your safety should always be the number one priority when evaluating auto repairs.  Underlying structural damage can be easily masked by dings and dents.  At Graham Collision, we are a certified I-Car Gold Class Auto Body Shop.

This is exceptionally important when we are looking at bumper damage. Your vehicle’s bumper may seem like an afterthought, but the simple structure actually plays an important role protecting your car during a collision. Bumpers absorb most of the impact during low speed collisions to help protect you, your vehicle, and passengers from more serious damage.

2. Long Term Auto Damage

With most dents, scratches are a package deal.  Matching your auto paint is a skill that the auto pros at Graham Collision are trained meticulously to perform.  If these scratches are left uncoated, cracks and peeling are inevitable through our harsh Iowa seasons. Cracks caused by impact from a collision allow for environmental elements, such as water to seep underneath the clear coat and paint.  Over time, this seeping can cause rust spots and weaken the body of your car.  

3. Risk of Reduced Resale Value.

Your auto is likely to be your second largest investment after your home. That’s why we recommend taking all steps to protect the value of your automobile.  The exterior appearance is an important factor in auto sales, and can lower the value of your investment.  Factors like unrepaired dings, or uncertified body repairs will bring down the value of your vehicle.

4. Save Money by Scheduling Repairs Sooner.

Scheduling your dent removal sooner, will save you money in the end.  If you delay repairs until rust spots appear, the repair process will take much longer and cost more money.  The sooner you make the claim, the better chance you have in winning your insurance claim. 

So next time you find a dent in your vehicle, save some time, protect your investment, and request a free estimate from the local Urbandale and Waukee auto body shop pros, Graham Collision.  We’ll get you off driving safely and quickly while protecting your investment.

About Graham Collision

Graham Collision is a family-owned and operated business with two locations to serve the needs of our valued customers. We have been in business for more than 50 years. Graham Collision combines exceptional skill and auto repair knowledge with the latest in advanced technology and techniques so that we can provide our customers with a safe and superior quality repair. Here at Graham Collision, we care about our customers and their vehicles. We take pride in treating our customers with ultimate respect, to us we think of our customers like family. We try to make the repair process pleasant and painless, they have already been through enough with the accident, working with the insurance, etc. We communicate with our customers throughout the repairs, as well as explain the repair processes.