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$40K-$150K SALARY

Should You Fix That Dent? | Auto Care Ownership in Iowa | Graham Collision

Should You Fix That Car Dent?

As car owners, we know that with regular use, dents and scratches can happen to your auto investment.  Whether your auto has just a cosmetic ding, or a larger problem as result of a collision, the pros at Graham Collision are here to help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Evaluate Severity of Auto Dent

Car dents happen as simply as a result of door dings, or careless driving mistakes, or even through environmental hazards like hail.  Even more often, a car owner may have no idea how the dent occurred.

While there are many DIY videos for dent removal out there, for an investment as large as an auto, you should take your vehicle to an auto body shop.  The auto body insurance claim process can be intimidating for many, but with 52 years of auto body repair under our belt, we can guide you through the process. 

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The most important issue with collision repair isn’t how to get the dent repaired, its when.  We find that most large dents will be fixed right away.  But when it’s only a small scratch, we understand that it can be easy to delay repairs.

Step 2: Know The Dangers of Delaying Auto Repairs

Whether you are planning to repair the dent yourself, or taking it to a professional body shop, the best approach is to get it taken care of sooner than later. Here are 4 reasons why you should look into repairing your auto right away.

1. Vehicle Safety

Your safety should always be the number one priority when evaluating auto repairs.  Underlying structural damage can be easily masked by dings and dents.  At Graham Collision, we are a certified I-Car Gold Class Auto Body Shop.

This is exceptionally important when we are looking at bumper damage. Your vehicle’s bumper may seem like an afterthought, but the simple structure actually plays an important role protecting your car during a collision. Bumpers absorb most of the impact during low speed collisions to help protect you, your vehicle, and passengers from more serious damage.

2. Long Term Auto Damage

With most dents, scratches are a package deal.  Matching your auto paint is a skill that the auto pros at Graham Collision are trained meticulously to perform.  If these scratches are left uncoated, cracks and peeling are inevitable through our harsh Iowa seasons. Cracks caused by impact from a collision allow for environmental elements, such as water to seep underneath the clear coat and paint.  Over time, this seeping can cause rust spots and weaken the body of your car.  

3. Risk of Reduced Resale Value.

Your auto is likely to be your second largest investment after your home. That’s why we recommend taking all steps to protect the value of your automobile.  The exterior appearance is an important factor in auto sales, and can lower the value of your investment.  Factors like unrepaired dings, or uncertified body repairs will bring down the value of your vehicle.

4. Save Money by Scheduling Repairs Sooner.

Scheduling your dent removal sooner, will save you money in the end.  If you delay repairs until rust spots appear, the repair process will take much longer and cost more money.  The sooner you make the claim, the better chance you have in winning your insurance claim. 

So next time you find a dent in your vehicle, save some time, protect your investment, and request a free estimate from the local Urbandale and Waukee auto body shop pros, Graham Collision.  We’ll get you off driving safely and quickly while protecting your investment.

About Graham Collision

Graham Collision is a family-owned and operated business with two locations to serve the needs of our valued customers. We have been in business for more than 50 years. Graham Collision combines exceptional skill and auto repair knowledge with the latest in advanced technology and techniques so that we can provide our customers with a safe and superior quality repair. Here at Graham Collision, we care about our customers and their vehicles. We take pride in treating our customers with ultimate respect, to us we think of our customers like family. We try to make the repair process pleasant and painless, they have already been through enough with the accident, working with the insurance, etc. We communicate with our customers throughout the repairs, as well as explain the repair processes.