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Winter Car Care 101: A Quick Guide

Temperatures are going down and soon, the weather will get chillier. In no time at all, we will be scurrying to get our cozy knits out of storage! 

While you are making sure that you stay warm and comfy, don’t forget that car’s maintenance needs are set to change too, this winter season. 

In this blog, we will share a few quick tips on how you can keep your car in impeccable condition during the cold months: 

Winter Car Care Tips

Assess its antifreeze 

Does your car’s cooling feature have the proper amount of antifreeze? If not, things could take a turn for the worse when the outside temperature goes below zero degrees. 

Ensure that you get your antifreeze tested at your local auto repair shop in Urbandale, IA. We also recommend that you double-check the entire cooling system, as well as examine the radiator and water pump for leaks and cracks. If you notice that the system has been compromised, get it fixed immediately. 

Pay attention to your car’s battery 

The chill can be unforgiving on your ride’s battery. If you feel that the battery is actually being protected as you are not driving around so often, you are wrong. In fact, this could exacerbate the problem and cause it to die out faster. A warning sign is your car refusing to start for quite some time. Just get in touch with your local auto technician if you have concerns regarding your car’s battery. 

Get your brakes checked 

The last thing you’d want on wintry roads is wobbly, bad brakes! If you notice that your brakes have become slow, hear rattles or shakes, then get it fixed at the nearest automotive shop in Waukee, IA as soon as possible. This puts you and your car in danger so the sooner you get it checked, the better. 

Examine your car’s tires

While worn-out tires are an all-time safety hazard, they become especially dangerous during the winter months. This increases your stopping time and can also easily lead to accidents if you are not careful. So yes, get your tires looked at!

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