Why Bring Your Tesla To A Tesla-Certified Auto Body Repair Shop

While taking the extra step to find a Tesla certified auto body shop might seem like a hassle if your regular body shop doesn’t have a Tesla certification, rest assured that it’ll be worth it in the long run. These vehicles are unique from a lot of other cars on the road. They’re made of aluminum or a hybrid of aluminum and steel, meaning their repair requires specialized training, tools, and equipment to maintain the standards of the manufacturer. Tesla-certified collision repair centers are considered Gold Class by I-CAR which is the leading provider of training and educational programs for American body shops. With Tesla certifications and Gold-Class  specifications, our shops have technicians who are expertly trained and equipped with the best and newest tools and technology. 

Why Bring Your Tesla to a Tesla-Certified Auto Body Repair Shop

Factory Approved Parts

In some shops’ repairs, they use aftermarket parts, which weren’t made by the original manufacturer. At Tesla Certified shops like Graham Collision, your vehicle will only be repaired using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that were intended specifically for Tesla vehicles. Using these parts helps to ensure your vehicle runs the way it should, and ensures the safety of your warranty during repair.


Trained Technicians

If you visit a body shop that isn’t certified by Tesla, there is no way to guarantee that the staff working on your repair have experience working with your make of vehicle. The technicians at certified repair shops, like Graham Collision, have been specially trained to work on Teslas. They know their way around the vehicle and how to use manufacturer approved methods in the repair of your Tesla. 


Specific Equipment 

Technicians working at a Tesla Certified body shop will have access to any and all of the correct equipment needed in the repair. With Tesla’s being a relatively newer vehicle on the market, it’s important that they are repaired using the correct techniques and tools, which are also often newer. 


As one of few Tesla Certified auto body shops in Iowa, with two convenient locations in the Des Moines Metro area, Waukee and Urbandale, we’re here for your Tesla repair needs. 

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