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$40K-$150K SALARY

We know that years of experience can certainly help make us better drivers. But, it can also allow us to develop some not-so-great habits. As we head into the season of slick and snowy roads, here’s a few refreshers on how to stay as safe as possible on the roads this winter. 

Stay Home

Sometimes it just isn’t worth it to brave the storm. If you don’t have to go, stay home! However, we know that sometimes, we can’t avoid getting to where we need to go. Check the forecast, leave early, and let others know where you’re headed.

Take Your Time

In the winter, you should avoid putting the pedal to the metal and slamming on the brakes. When you’re accelerating and decelerating, go slow and take your time. 

Slow Down

Just like in any other season, it’s more important that you get to your destination safely than what time you arrive. Speeding will likely not make you get to where you’re headed much earlier. Plus, it’s especially dangerous in the winter due to poorer traction.

Steer Clear of Plows

To keep you safe and to allow snowplow drivers to do their jobs correctly, give them their space.

Keep Your Distance

Just like plows, give yourself and others a little more space. That way, if traction is lost, you have more time to brake so you don’t run into the car ahead of you. 

Don’t Be Blindsided by Black Ice

Keep on the lookout for spots that look wet–they could actually be black ice.

Cruise Control Off

If you use cruise control and come across snow, ice, or slush, you could lose control. Your car is not as intuitive as you are, so you may react faster if you feel a loss of traction.

Steer Into the Skid

Steer into the direction of a skid–when you regain traction, you won’t have to swerve and overcorrect to stay in your lane.

Teach Others

Whether you’ve got a new driver in your family or you know a reckless driver (we all know and love a few), it never hurts to give them these reminders too. If we all practice good driving habits in the winter, together we can keep the roads safer.