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What No One Tells You About Collision Repair

Unfortunately, many people have had the experience of getting their car repaired after being in a collision. And yet, most of us don’t end up thinking about collision repairs and the things that go into in until and unless we get in one on a bad day. 

But why wait for the worst to happen? To help you understand the collision repair process more closely, our auto body repair technicians are here to lay down the little-known facts for you in this blog: 

Car Collision Facts

  1. More often than not, the extent of damage after a car collision is more complicated than it looks. That’s right. Even if your car’s body panels look unaffected after a collision, it’s a wise move to get your car assessed by collision repair technicians in Urbandale, IA as soon as possible. Your car’s wheel alignments and brakes may be affected even after a bump. So, never leave things to chance after a collision. 
  1. Everyone tells you to get a number of quotes from different auto body repair shops. This is usually done to get one’s car repaired at the best possible rates. However, did you know that prices usually vary because of differences in the skill levels of the technicians? An experienced, certified technician will look beyond surface-level cracks and bumps to get your car back to its original glory. So, do take the experience of the personnel in question before you make your decision. 
  1. It is possible to fix your car dents without it needing a fresh layer of paint. If you are in a hurry and want to get rid of minor bumps and dents after a fender bender, paintless dent repair is what you need. This can fix minor bumps fast and does away with the need for panel painting. Do bear in mind that paintless dent repair might not work in all cases. 

Graham Collision – Your Collision Repair Partner In Urbandale, IA

Graham Collision has a multi-step collision repair process to ensure that your car is returned to you in great condition. We clean your car prior to an inspection so that no dent or scratch is left unattended or unseen. Our I-Car Gold Class professionals will keep you informed with updates and will answer any questions that you may have during the entire process! 

Auto Body Shop Collision Repair Experts

Know Your Rights In Case Of Car Collision

Collisions and accidents can happen at any moment when you’re on the road. While it is not a pleasant thought to ponder upon, it is important to have an idea of what must be done in the event of a car collision. In addition to having a towing professional as well as a collision repair shop’s contact details on your phone, one must also have a basic understanding of their consumer rights to deal with the aftermath of the collision in a stress-free manner. In this blog, we will cover a few of your rights: 

1. You can choose a collision repair shop as per your needs

While your insurance company may direct you to a specific shop to facilitate your car’s repair, you have the freedom to choose the auto body shop you want. However, auto body shops don’t have qualified personnel for collision repairs. It is recommended that you do your own research and select a shop that specializes in collision repair in Urbandale, IA, and has auto technicians who would be more than happy to walk you through the entire process. 

2. You are entitled to OEM parts

Whether your car gets aftermarket or OEM parts is entirely up to you. OEMs are the original parts that are specifically meant for your car and are best in terms of fit, functionality, and of course, your safety. The latter is crucial to ensuring that the manufacturer’s warranty does not get nullified. Before you move forward, make sure that you confirm with your insurer whether you’d like OEM or aftermarket parts, which are relatively cheaper and easily procurable. 

Depending on your policy and the type of claim, you may also be entitled to the following: 

  • Required repairs to restore your car to its pre-damage conduction.
  • The cost incurred to get a replacement rental car for the interim period.
  • Payment for medical expenses, provided that your policy covers it.
  • Additional expenses incurred to file a police report, gas expenses to procure repair estimates, and so on.  

At Graham Collision, we help our clients complete their insurance paperwork to ensure that they get their car gets repaired in record time after a collision.

We walk the extra mile to ensure that our clients know their rights when they sign up for collision repair assistance.

To get your car back to its pre-collision glory, drive down to our auto body repair shops in Waukee, IA, and Urbandale, IA today. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Paintless Dent Repairs

A common misconception is that dent repair is a costly and time-taking affair. But that’s so not true. You can get a minor dent fixed really quickly without having to spend a fortune by signing up for paintless dent repairs. In this blog, we will talk about this repair method in detail and clear the air around the subject because we get a lot of questions about it every day! 

What Are Paintless Dent Repairs?

Explained simply by our collision repair technicians, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a quick, non-invasive procedure that can help fix dings and dents on your car without causing harm to the surface paint. It restores the look of your car by pulling the dent back to its real shape. In such a scenario, a paint job is not required, because of which the entire process is extremely speedy and cost-effective. So, if you have shallow dents due to hail damage, bumped doors, or any other reason, drive down to our collision repair store in Urbandale, IA to get it fixed. 

paintless dent repairs application on car front doors

What Does Paintless Dent Repair Not Cover?

It is important to remember that every type of damage can’t be resolved through the paintless dent repair method If the dent is huge, if your car is in a bad shape after an accident or has a lot of scrapes, you may need to opt for a full touch-up and repainting job instead.

Does Insurance Cover Paintless Dent Repairs?

Yes! When you have collision coverage, paintless dent repairs are given the green signal by your insurance company. Given that dents and collisions are common occurrences, make sure that you go through your policy thoroughly to check what it covers before you buy the insurance. 

Paintless Dent Repair By Graham Collision’s Auto Technicians

Graham Collision’s auto technicians are fully equipped and trained to attend to all types of dent repair jobs. To know whether the dents on your car can be speedily fixed through the paintless dent repair method, feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We have two stores, one in Waukee, IA, and another in Urbandale, IA for your convenience and collision repair needs. Our team is always available to guide you through the entire process, from claiming insurance, getting you a temporary ride, to making your car look as good as new! 

Auto Body Shop Auto Dent Repair Repair shop

What You Must Do ASAP After A Fender Bender

Regrettably, road accidents or Fender Bender happen when we least expect them. In such a scenario, it is important to maintain a clear head to ensure your safety and that of those around you. In this blog, we will cover everything that you should take care of after getting caught in a fender bender: 

Make sure that you are out of danger after the Fender Bender

It is critical that you maintain a level-head and ensure that everyone is safe and unhurt. If you or the other car driver seems hurt or uneasy, do not hesitate to call 911. Make sure that you pull over to the side so that you are not in danger of being bumped by incoming cars. 

Examine the damage

Once you are out of harm’s way, examine your car carefully to look for signs of damage. Are there dings and scratches? Does the bumper look damaged? However, if the accident took place on a freeway, stay in your car and get in touch with the police as soon as possible. Remember, irrespective of who hit who, you will need to report the incident to the police because your insurance company will need documented evidence. 

Fender Bender - Damage Control and Immediate Actions

Take pictures

If you have parked safely on the side of a road, do take pictures of the damage that has been incurred. This will work in your favor when you file your insurance claim to get your vehicle repaired with the help of an auto collision repair shop in Urbandale, IA. 

Note down insurance details

If your car was hit by another or vice versa, do not forget to jot down their contact and insurance information. Before you drive away, we’d recommend that you confirm the authenticity of their details as it is not uncommon for people to give wrong information to prevent all sorts of liabilities. 

Hit us up for your collision repair needs

Have you been in a fender bender in Urbandale, IA? Let the Graham Collision team know as soon as possible. We are skilled in paintless dent repairs, full collision repairs, and even minor dent restorations. We feel happy to let you know that we have a solid presence in two different locations in Iowa — Waukee, and Urbandale. When you want hassle-free collision repair services, do think of us! To know how we can help out to file your insurance paperwork and to repair your car, call us today. 

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4 Clear Signs Of A Poor Car Paint Job

After getting your car paint job done by a professional auto paint shop, you expect them to make it look as good as new again. However, if they have questionable skills, you may be left with a shoddy-looking ride that has its paint peeling off in a month! That’s the last thing anyone would want after spending hundreds of dollars to get their car fixed after a collision.

While extremely poor paint job work is immediately visible, the following signs will help you to ascertain whether you have gotten a raw deal when you get your car a fresh coat of paint: 

4 Signs Of Poor Car Paint Job

Dried Dips And Sags

dried dips and sags on auto body paint

This one usually tops the list when it comes to car painting mistakes. Sags and drips in tell you that your car was sprayed with paint hurriedly by someone who is inexperienced. Based on the severity of the problem, this eyesore can be fixed with a quick buffing job. Hit our auto technicians up at Urbandale, IA, to make this happen. 

Excessively Sprayed

Signs of over spraying are clearly visible because of unsightly spots and raised marks on your car’s body. It is a result of not going over dings or not masking up the car properly. Another reason could be that the substrate wasn’t prepared by proper use of sandpaper just before the paint job. The result? The paint will start flaking really soon because of which you’ll have to get your car painted again. 

Color Mismatch 

poor car paint job - color mismatch

Does the color of your car’s hood not match that of the trunk? This is a serious mistake that points towards the fact that the auto paint shop used poor quality paint, that too of different colors, just to get the job done. This also includes uneven application and poor priming of the surface. 

Splotchy Stains 

scratches and stains on auto body colors

Got your car freshly paint job but can clearly see its old color pop out through a few spots? If you notice bleach like stains or paint remnants, this could mean that body fillers weren’t prepped correctly. You have been scammed! 

Get yourself top auto collision repair experts from Waukee, IA to get your paint job done right, the first time itself! We adhere to the highest standards of quality when it comes to paintless dent repairs and minor fixes of your car. Visit our stores today.

Call now Waukee and Urbandale us for further queries.

Car Care & Maintenance

Winter Driving- 4 Things You Must Carry In Your Car

When winter strikes, driving gets difficult it’s important to have a driving safety checklist to ensure that you are not left stranded in unforgiving weather if your car breaks down. The first step to this is having a few essentials in the boot of your ride whenever you decide to venture out. As collision repair experts in Waukee, IA, we will quickly walk you through some of them in this blog: 

Things You MUST Carry In Your Car During Your Winter Driving

1: Battery Booster Cables 

Battery Booster Cables

Few things are as frustrating as being stuck with a dead battery when the weather is not on your side. However, this issue is more common than it should be. Subzero temperatures may do a number on your battery, so it is advisable that you always have booster cables tucked in somewhere to bring it back to life!

2: Scraper 

scraper for winter driving

Most people have to face a lot of trouble to get rid of the icy carpet that forms on their car when they park it out in the cold. In such a situation, an ice scraper can prove to be a blessing in disguise. It will help you to scrape out the ice efficiently from your car’s windows and windshield in no time at all. 

3:Tire Repair Sealant 

winter driving - Tyre repair sealant
Tire Repair Sealant

Tire issues crop up when you least expect them! Sadly, flats are extremely common during winter as tires are susceptible to losing air pressure at a rapid pace in such conditions. When it’s too cold, you may not be equipped to replace the tire altogether. To avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere, ensure that you have a tire repair sealant kit handy. The right approach would be to fix the puncture for the time being and then stop by at the nearest auto repair shop in Urbandale, IA

4: LED Flashers 

LED flashers

In case of an accident or car glitches, LED flashers or hazard triangles can be lifesavers. These inform oncoming traffic that your car is parked on the road especially on those cold nights that are notorious for poor visibility. It also helps emergency car repair technicians to spot your car more easily. 

Having these things in your car can be extremely beneficial when snow is not your friend. At Graham Collision, we handle every aspect of dealing with car collisions during the winter season and help people to get their rides back on the road as soon as possible. Give us a call Urbandale & Waukee if you have questions! 

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3 Ways To Prepare A Car For Winter Driving

Car Care & Maintenance

How To Make Your Car Tires Last Longer?

How do you take a good care of your car tires? Well-inflated, maintained tires are the key to ensuring enhanced driving performance and safety. Since your car’s tires have to undergo a lot of pressure and friction, it is vital that you pay attention to their health and get them checked by auto technicians for signs of wear and tear every now and then.

Good tires facilitate a smooth driving experience and enhance the fuel efficiency of your car. So, tire maintenance should be a priority if you are hoping to save up on a few dollars every month! 

3 Tips To Make Your Car Tires Last Longer:

Check inflation pressure 

The most basic tire maintenance tip is making sure that your tires are adequately inflated every month. Remember that underinflated tires are more likely to witness cracks and rapid air loss. On the other hand, excessively inflated tires may lead to damage or even cause your entire car to vibrate while driving. The ideal pressure to be maintained should be mentioned on the car manual, so do have a look and maintain inflation levels to enhance the durability of your tires. [Wiki: Types Of Car Tires]

Refraining from spinning your tires too much 

Did you know that spinning your tires excessively to get your car out of snow or mud causes them to overheat? You may even have to change your tires because of the damages! Instead, our collision repair specialists in Waukee, IA, recommend that you reverse and accelerate your car slowly to get it out when it’s stuck. 

Sign up for wheel alignment 

Your car’s tires go over potholes, crossings and are often made to come to screeching halts. All of this can send your car’s wheel alignment into a tizzy. To set things right, get your wheels checked and aligned at least once a year or every 25,000 km. In addition to this, experts also suggest that you rotate your tires every six months to slow down the rate of wear and tear and enhance performance. It’s always a good idea to have a set for the summers and another for the winters and change them accordingly as per the season. 

Inspect your tires regularly 

While keeping an eye on the tires may seem simple enough, many forget to do it. Keeping a check on your car’s tires ensures that you notice bulges, cracks, objects lodged into the rubber, and other anomalies before they snowball into something serious and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere! 

Signing Off 

Timely upkeep and maintenance of your tires is a gift that keeps on giving! We hope that the above-mentioned tips help you to prolong the life of your car tires. If you would like to get your car checked by collision repair experts in Urbandale, IA, and require assistance with insurance paperwork after a crash, do get in touch with us.

Car Care & Maintenance

Winter Car Care 101: A Quick Guide

Temperatures are going down and soon, the weather will get chillier. In no time at all, we will be scurrying to get our cozy knits out of storage! 

While you are making sure that you stay warm and comfy, don’t forget that car’s maintenance needs are set to change too, this winter season. 

In this blog, we will share a few quick tips on how you can keep your car in impeccable condition during the cold months: 

Winter Car Care Tips

Assess its antifreeze 

Does your car’s cooling feature have the proper amount of antifreeze? If not, things could take a turn for the worse when the outside temperature goes below zero degrees. 

Ensure that you get your antifreeze tested at your local auto repair shop in Urbandale, IA. We also recommend that you double-check the entire cooling system, as well as examine the radiator and water pump for leaks and cracks. If you notice that the system has been compromised, get it fixed immediately. 

Pay attention to your car’s battery 

The chill can be unforgiving on your ride’s battery. If you feel that the battery is actually being protected as you are not driving around so often, you are wrong. In fact, this could exacerbate the problem and cause it to die out faster. A warning sign is your car refusing to start for quite some time. Just get in touch with your local auto technician if you have concerns regarding your car’s battery. 

Get your brakes checked 

The last thing you’d want on wintry roads is wobbly, bad brakes! If you notice that your brakes have become slow, hear rattles or shakes, then get it fixed at the nearest automotive shop in Waukee, IA as soon as possible. This puts you and your car in danger so the sooner you get it checked, the better. 

Examine your car’s tires

While worn-out tires are an all-time safety hazard, they become especially dangerous during the winter months. This increases your stopping time and can also easily lead to accidents if you are not careful. So yes, get your tires looked at!

Graham Collision — Your one-stop car collision repair shop

At Graham Collision, our priority is to give you the guidance and assistance you need to repair your car after an accident in the Urbandale and Waukee regions of Iowa. We are here at your service if you ever need us!

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Auto Dent Repair

Reasons You Should Fix Car Dent With 24 Hours

Planning to fix car dents? Dings and bumps can happen any time to your car – in the parking lot, while waiting for the traffic signal to turn green, while playing catch with your kids, or simply if you bang the door too hard. If the resultant dent is innocuous enough, you may be tempted to ignore it and go on about your life. But that small dent may bring about more problems for you, later on, leading to more wasted dollars and time. 

We have a few reasons for you to fix car dent as soon as they happen. Read on! 

Accumulation of rust 

Did you know that the tiniest of cracks on the car’s body can cause water to seep through the paint and get to your car’s metal? This can speed up the rusting process over time. 

The worst part is that, if the dent is too small, you may not even realize the extent of the damage until it’s too late. With time, the bump will grow significantly bigger and also lead to flaking and peeling of paint. That is why auto body repair experts in Waukee, IA recommend that you attend to car dents fixes quickly


Getting your car assessed by an expert after a minor collision can be extremely beneficial in finding out whether there was any structural damage. These damages may be exacerbated when you drive a bit fast or go over speed bumps. Moreover, although these may not look too serious, such damages can also affect your battery’s performance as well as hamper the alignment. All of such problems can be easily done away with if you get your car repaired by an auto technician in Urbandale, IA as soon as you notice the dent. 

Depreciating value

Regardless of how smooth your car is, people always judge a book by its cover! When the time comes to sell off your car, an unpaired dent and paint damage may cause its price to go down. Moreover, it may be seen as a red flag by a buyer, who may think that you have not been responsible with the car. This may lead to suspicion regarding the engine’s health, the battery’s performance, and so on. So, it’s always a good idea to keep up with external appearances! 

Get Dents Repaired By Auto Body Repair Experts In Waukee, IA

Want to get your car dents repaired quickly to restore it to its former glory? We are the ones for the job! Don’t google, “how to fix a small car dent?” and waste your entire weekend over it. Just drive down to one of our branches and our professionals will get it fixed and all ready for the road!

Car Care & Maintenance

How To Protect Your Car In This Fall Season?

Worried about your car & planning extra measures to protect your car in this Fall Season? Of course you do! You really won’t meet many people who despise the fall season. We mean, what’s not there to love? The weather’s not too hot and neither too chilly and Mother Nature decides to put up a show of its own. The gorgeous canopies on the sidewalks start shedding and form a jaw-dropping carpet of brilliant hues of sunset yellow, orange, and fiery red. It’s a treat to be out! 

However, every season brings with it a different set of challenges for car drivers. The leaves and branches on the road can pose a safety hazard if you’re not careful. We have lost count of the number of people who have driven down to our collision repair center in Urbandale, IA with fall-related windshield damages.

In addition to this, you must be particularly attentive to your car’s cleaning and maintenance needs. If leaves are left on your windshield for too long, it might be harder to get rid of the sticky marks later on. 

protect your car in this fall season

Moreover, when these leaves break down, they also release chemicals that are harmful to your car’s glass and body. These lead to clogs in drain holes, resulting in expensive damages. So, make sure that your car is thoroughly cleaned and washed during the fall. A car cover can also go a long way in keeping the windshield safe! 

In this blog, we will share with you a few tips to help you ensure that your car remains in spick and span condition this fall season:

Steer away from trees

That should not be your car!

You may be tempted to park under trees when you are in a hurry. But, during the fall season, this may spell doom for your car. It might not take long for your car to get hidden under a ton of leaves. Do yourself a favor and find a better parking spot instead!

Get your car’s tires checked

Your car must have enough tread to ensure that the car stops when you apply brakes on damp roads. This is particularly important to avoid car collisions when you are on the road. To avoid nasty crashes, get your car assessed by car body repair experts in Waukee, IA before the fall season strikes in full force!

Drive carefully

This is really a no-brainer. The roads can get quite slippery in fall and if you drive too fast, leaves may fly up and stick to your windshield. The more serious fallout of this is that these leaves might compromise your vision. So, make sure that you drive at a steady pace and keep a respectable distance from other vehicles.

Give Us A Call For Quick Dents Or Collision Repair

Graham Collision Repair Center, Urbandale, IA

If you have got in a minor or major collision this fall season, give us a call to ensure that your car is returned to its former glory in a quick and hassle-free manner. For fall-related damage questions, reach out to us today.