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$40K-$150K SALARY

5 Things To Keep in Your Car

Stay safe on the road by keeping these essentials in your vehicle.

5 Things To Keep In Your Car


Let’s start out simple. Though it may seem obvious, keeping your Owner’s Manual, insurance, license, registration, and emergency contact information on hand is absolutely vital. Your Owner’s Manual contains everyday information like recommended fuel, PSI levels, and oil weight, but also much more obscure information that could come in handy when one of those unfamiliar lights starts flashing on your dashboard. As for your other documentation, you never know when you could end up pulled over or worse, in an accident, when you’ll need all this documentation. Most people just keep these items stored securely in their glovebox or center console, that way you never have to worry where it is.


First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, and having supplies on hand to aid these situations can be a lifesaver. Whether you’re stuck in a remote area or you’re just halfway through a long road trip with a bad headache, having even the most basic of First Aid accessible to you in your vehicle can make a huge difference. Also, make sure to check any expiration dates annually, so if you do need it you will know everything is going to work.


Spare Tire & Equipment

Flat tires are the most common issue that car owners face, and they always seem to happen when you least expect it. Having a spare tire with compatible tools like a lug wrench, tire blocks, and a jack can save you a lot of trouble in this unfortunate situation. 


Fire Extinguisher 

While unlikely, fires do happen while on the road. There are many things that can cause a car fire such as collisions, poor maintenance, overheating, unstable batteries, and various system failures. Whether you come across it or it happens to you it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy because it can minimize damage to the vehicle and reduce the risk to anyone near it. 


Jumper Cables & Emergency Battery Booster

Dead batteries seem to happen at the same inconvenient times as flat tires. Jumper cables are a widely owned piece of equipment kept in car owners’ vehicles, but if there aren’t any helpful bystanders with cars for you to attach your cables to, jumpstarting your car can be complicated. An emergency battery booster, while a little pricier than a set of jumper cables, is a great investment. Many boosters also come with other handy built-in features like flashlights, USB ports, and mini air compressors for airing up tires.  Keeping a charged booster in your car can help you over and over again. 


Bonus: Flashlight

Having a spare tire and these tools won’t do you a lot of good if you have to change out that flat tire on a dark night. Keep a bright flashlight (and spare batteries if needed) in your vehicle to avoid being left in the dark.